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Heart & Soul Award

Katy Ebersole Heart & Soul

The newly created “Heart and Soul” award has been established to honor Katy Ebersole for her many years of service to the Edenton Steamers. The Edenton Steamers, after being created by the Coastal Plain League, were league-run for the first two years of existence. Following the 1999 season the Community of Edenton purchased the team and Katy signed on as president of the newly formed Edenton Steamers, Inc.

With her signature on the dotted line, a 12-year stewardship began with Katy at the helm of the Edenton Steamers board of directors. While serving as President from 2000 until the completion of the 2011 season, she has lead the board, the general manager, various coaches, staff, volunteers and players to an unprecedented level of excellence in the Coastal Plain League. This includes two Petitt Cup Championships, 12 North Division titles, and a nine-year playoff streak that continues thru the 2012 season. Following the 2009 season she spearheaded a fundraising rally to save the team she loves.

Through the years Katy has shown her versatility and worn many hats for the Edenton Steamers. Including the general manager hat when funding did not allow her to hire one, as well as the “Sam The Grand Slam Clam” hat on occasion when children needed a laugh.

Through her tenure as president she continually strived to provide the players who wore the teal and black, the host families who provided housing, the staff on game day and the community at large with the highest quality baseball organization she possibly could. It was due to her clear vision of what the “best” was that the Steamers still have a team on the field today.

Katy truly is the heart and soul of the Edenton Steamers. She has continually shown every person ever affiliated with the Steamers and the Edenton community how much she loves the Steamers with her ingenuity, hard work, and passion. While no longer the acting president of the Edenton Steamers, Katy continues to serve on the board of directors as treasurer and host family coordinator.

The Katy Ebersole “Heart and Soul” Award will be given out annually to the player that best exhibits the hard work and passion on the field that Katy exhibited through her many years as president of the Steamers.



Previous Winners

2016 Winner Trey Hair with General Manager Tyler Russell

2016: Trey Hair, second baseman, University of Evansville (IN)

2015: Evan Rogers, shortstop, Mars Hill University (NC)

2014: Manny Arciniega, pitcher, Peru State College (NE)

2013: Nick Thompson, infielder/outfielder, East Carolina University (NC)

2012: Wes Meadows, catcher/infielder, Otterbein University (OH)



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