Fundraising Events and On-Going Programs


1052Did you know that shopping for groceries at Food Lion can help the Edenton Steamers increase their revenue stream? THIS FUNDRAISER COSTS YOU NOTHING and your participation will help the Steamers Baseball Club continue to operate for years to come.

The Steamers sell Food Lion cash cards, from which they receive 5% of the card face value back from Food Lion. The purchaser gets 100% of the value, which can be used at any Food Lion store anytime. It is a normal cash card, just like the gift cards you see at the checkouts.

The Food Lion deal is a great one for all – everyone wins. All it costs is some administration time to collect checks and distribute cards monthly, which Gary Roth oversees. There are numerous "captains" who assist Gary each month, coordinating the collection and distribution to their own groups of friends and neighbors. We welcome additional captains who may want to organize new participants to the program as well.

We prefer that residents sign up to buy one per month for any amount you choose (in multiples of $50.) Payment is due on the first of the month and cards are hand delivered beginning on the 15th. Payment options are cash or check but keep in mind that your check will not clear until after you get the card(s), so you are not even paying up front.

Each card is good for two years, and if you accumulate too many you can stop at anytime. Many participants prefer the convenience of carrying and using a giftcard in the store and after each transaction, the remaining balance is provided. In addition, it can also be an effective way to budget your monthly grocery bill by having a limit set in advance.

If you would like to join this program or have any additional questions regarding the way this works to help the Steamers, please call Gary Roth at 252-548-2649 or the Steamers office at 252-482-4080.