Meet Sam "The Grand Slam" Clam
Friday, 06 May 2011 15:30

samtheclamtext  Name: Sam "The Grand Slam" Clam                          steamer mascots                

  HT/WT: 4'10/550 

  Date of Birth: May 29th, 1998                 

  Place of Birth: Edenton, N.C

  Favorite Food: Plankton

  Favorite Baseball Player: Joe Smith (Edenton Steamers 2005,            Cleveland Indians - Current)

  Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob Squarepants

  Favorite Song: Acres of Clams (Francis D. Henry, 1874)

  Best Friend: Teal Monster

  Hobbies: Entertaining fans of all ages at Steamers games, sunbathing, and making pearl jewlery

  Photos: Click Here for Photos of Sam the Clam 





Bio: Somewhere off the coast of Edenton, N.C there once lived a famous  clam digger named Sam. He  would sail into Edenton bay carrying clams by the bucketful he called "Steamers." One day while exploring uncharted territory he found the largest giant clam the world had ever known. Of course he named this giant clam after himself and Sam the Clam was officially born. Sam the clam digger was a huge baseball fan, attending Edenton Colonials games as a child. He passed this love for the game on to Sam the Clam and when the Edenton Steamers were created to continue the great baseball tradition in Edenton, N.C Sam the Clam decided that since he had but one oppurtunity to "attach" himself, he chose Historic Hicks Field as his home. Sam hibernates in his "Bed" all winter long until the boys of summer (and the sun) begin to Steam him awake to the sounds of baseball.

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