Front Office Staff

Full Name: Allen Fredd 

Position: President
Date of Birth: 12/12
School/College/University: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
Employment Experience: The last position Allen held at University of Richmond was Senior Associate Director of Athletics until his retirement from UR in 2006.
Interesting Facts about Allen: A lifelong sports fan, a long time sailor and a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Full Name: Billy Bass

Position: Vice President
Date of Birth:  8/26
School/College/University: Coastal Carolina Community College
Employment Experience: Currently a Captain at the Edenton fire department and has served there for 24 and a half years.
Interesting Facts about Billy: Has a love for the game of baseball and enjoys hitting monster home runs while playing softball


Full Name: Jack Evans

Position: Secretary
Date of Birth: 7/7
School/College/University: Chowan High School
Employment Experience: After 48 years of service at Bryum Hardware Co., Jack retired in 2004, he is also the retired Music Director after 40 years of volunteer service at Rock Hock Baptist Church.
Interesting Facts about Jack: Founded the Rocky Hock Opry to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and has a huge love of baseball.


Full Name: Gary Roth

Position: Treasurer 
Date of Birth: 8/6
School/College/University: University of Maryland
Employment Experience: Before retiring in 1998, Gary was the Senior Vice President of sales at UNIPATH DIAGANOSTICS DIVISION/UNILEVER and then owned and operated the Boathouse restaurant from 1999 until 2002.
Interesting Facts about Gary: Played competitive soccer for 25 years and is an avid sports fan.


Full Name: Kevin Whitehead

Position: General Manager
Date of Birth: 11/7
School/College/University: Texas Tech University
Employment Experience: A recent college graduate of TTU, Kevin embarks on his first job in baseball this summer as Edenton's GM
Interesting Facts about Kevin: Suited up for the Steamers in 2011 and played catcher for the first and second-half North Division champions.


Full Name:

Position: Media Relations Director/Broadcaster
Date of Birth:
Employment Experience:
Interesting Facts: