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All Stars

The Coastal Plain League implented its yearly all-star game prior to the 1999 season, just two years after the league’s inception. From 1999-2003 the league consisted of two divisions, the North and South, with each respective division fielding one all-star team to compete against the other. The head coach of the team in each division with the highest winning percentage during the first half of the season was chosen to lead each all-star squad.

In 2004, with the league expanding to three divisions, the format for the all-star player selection was changed. Players were still voted on by all the head coaches and one media representative from each team, but once selected as an all-star, players were put into a draft. Each all-star team head coach then proceeded to draft players with alternating picks to form the American and National all-star squads. A coin flip was used to decide which head coach was given the first overall choice. The 2005 season saw the introduction of the Fan-Fest and Home Run Derby as part of the CPL All-Star experience.

In 2007 it was decided that the coach with the higher winning percentage between the two all-star head coaches during the first half of the season was awarded the first overall choice during the all-star player draft. In 2012 the CPL once again went back to the two division format (East and West), but the all-star players’ selection remained the same as it has been since 2004, with the all-star players being drafted by each respective team’s head coach, as decided by highest winning percentage during the first half of the season, with the higher of the two being awarded the first overall pick. Heading into 2013, the two division format remains the same, but replacing the all-star player draft, the league reverted to it’s 1999-2003 system where players selected from the East Division will play against players from the West Division.

The 2018 season marks that first time that the CPL has a four division format. The West and South division selections will take on the selections from the North and East divisions. The West and South will be know as the National Team, while the North and East will make up the American Team. 

Steamers All Star Selections

2019: OF Alex Alders, LHP Jack Eisenbarger, OF Qunicy Hamilton, LHP Alex Theis, IF Ian Walters, Head Coach Russ Burroughs
2018: 3B Rich Cuifo, OF Devon Gardner, RHP Charles Hall, 1B Zane Harris, RHP Jake Miller
2017: C Jason Agresti, OF James Battley, OF Jamie Galazin, LHP Carmen Giampetruzzi, IF Connor Kopach, OF Billy Wilson
2016: RHP Perry DellaValle, 2B Trey Hair, OF Richie Cunningham, DH/UTL Bobby Schuman, Head Coach Bryan Hill, Assistant Coach John Hunter
2015: RHP Zach Prendergast, RHP David Bednar, RHP Dylan Zarosky, SS Evan Rogers, OF Demetre Taylor, 2B Chad Sedio, C Chance Shepard, P David Bednar named CPL Defensive Player of the All Star Game
2014: RHP Josh Roeder, LHP Gunnar Kines, SS Evan Rogers, OF Orlando Olivera, 2B Ryan Raslowsky, Head Coach Bryan Hill, P Josh Roeder named CPL Defensive Player of the All Star Game
2013: 2B/OF Nick Thompson, P/1B Nick Miller, P Jake McCoy, P Connor Cuff, OF/1B Trent Miller, 3B Josh Hampton, C Jacob Reese, DH Adam Kirsch, Head Coach Bryan Hill
2012: 1B Spencer Branigan, P Jordan Egan, OF Michael Camporeale, P Matt Duncan, OF Jason Kanzler, 2B Koby Kraemer, Head Coach Steve Moritz
2011: 2B Joey Wendle, P Jordan Egan, OF Ryan Brenner, P Brooks Fiala, OF/IF Brian Blasik, P Joshua Branstetter, Head Coach Dirk Kinney
2010: P Mark Montgomery, OF Brian Billigen, P Coty Saranthus, 1B Jake Magner, OF Billy Burns, SS AJ Rusbarsky, 2B Neiko Johnson, P Mark Montgomery named CPL Defensive Player of the All-Star Game
2009: IF Gerard Hall, OF Adam De La Garza, 1B Jake Magner, OF Billy Swanson, P Anthony Markham, IF Gerard Hall named CPL Offensive Player of the All-Star Game
2008: C Ty Boyles, 1B/OF Doug Kroll, OF Brett Nommensen, P Joe Key, P Luke Demko
2007: IF Brian Conley, C Will Greenberg, SS Tony Kostelnik, OF Kevin Mattison, OF Nick Nosti, P JP Primus
2006: C Bucky Strickland, 1B Brendon Hitchcock, OF Derek Kennamer, P Jeff Fischer
2005: OF Kevin Reynolds, IF/OF Skyler Stromsmoe, P Brad Stone, IF Steve Maiolo, OF Kevin Reynolds named CPL Offensive Player of the All-Star Game
2004: SS Ryan Khoury, OF Jason Hurst, P Danny Powers, P Chris Cahill, P Daniel Gemma, P Weston Curles, P Pete Henyan, Head Coach Joel Tremblay, OF Jason Hurst named CPL Offensive Player of the All-Star Game
2003: 1B/3B Nick Shimer
2002: 2B Bilal Omar, 2B/SS Colin Cronin, C Thomas Berkery, OF Kyle Pope, P Mike Urvalek
2001: OF Daniel Vick, P Blake Horsman
2000: C Dwayne Smith, IF/OF Sean Ferrell
1999: OF Adam Swann, SS Bryon Jeffcoat, 1B Brandon Blair, OF Kevin Hairr, P Chris Spigner


After celebrating its 10th Anniversary season in 2006, the Coastal Plain League, its teams and league office, compiled a listing of the best players and head coach to perform in the CPL over the past 10 years. This list is known as the Coastal Plain League All-Decade Team.

Edenton Steamers Chosen for the Coastal Plain League All-Decade Team

Bucky Strickland (Chattanooga State Tech/Angelo State) Edenton Steamers 2005-2006

• In 2005, batted .305 with 29 hits, 11 runs scored, four doubles, 21 RBIs, 33 total bases, a .347 slugging percentage, a .350 on-base percentage, three stolen bases, and a .995 fielding percentage
• In 2006, batted .252 with 33 hits, 23 runs scored, four doubles, four home runs, 10 RBIs, 49 total bases, a .374 slugging percentage, a .327 on-base percentage, one stolen base, and a .989 fielding percentage
• Career .274 batting average with 82 total bases
• Starting catcher of the National CPL All-Star team in 2006
• Helped lead Edenton to the Petitt Cup Championship in 2005

Matt Leake (Tennessee Wesleyan) Edenton Steamers 2005

• In 2005, batted .291 with 37 hits, 26 runs scored, six doubles, one triple, one home run, 15 RBIs, 48 total bases, a .377 on-base percentage, and 21 stolen bases
• Named as a Rawlings Hitter of the Week after week nine of the 2005 season
• Helped lead Edenton to the 2005 Petitt Cup Championship
• Signed with the Joliet Jackhammers of the Northern League in 2007