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MLB Alumni

Name School Year Pro Entry MLB Debut

Current Team

As of August 12, 2019

Joe Smith Wright State University 2005 Mets, 2006, 3rd Round Mets, 2007 Houston Astros
Ryan Sadowski University of Florida 2002 Giants, 2003, 12th Round Giants, 2009  
Greg Holland Western Carolina University 2006 Royals, 2007, 10th Round Royals, 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks
Evan Scribner Central Connecticut State University 2006 Diamondbacks, 2007, 28th Round Padres, 2011  
Kevin Mattison University of North Carolina - Asheville 2007 Marlins, 2008, 28th Round Marlins, 2012  
Justin Freeman Kennesaw State University 2007 Reds, 2008, 32rd Round Reds, 2013  
Vidal Nuno Baker University 2008 Indians, 2009, 48th Round Yankees, 2013 Tampa Bay Rays
Billy Burns Mercer University 2010 Nationals, 2011, 32nd Round Athletics, 2014 New York (AL), AAA, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
Chris Bassitt University of Akron 2010 White Sox, 2011, 16th Round White Sox, 2014 Oakland Athletics
Ken Roberts Middle Tennessee State University 2008 Rockies, 2010, 25th Round Rockies, 2015  
Joey Wendle West Chester University 2011 Indians, 2012, 6th Round Athletics, 2016 Tampa Bay Rays
Kevin McCarthy Marist College 2012 Royals, 2013, 16th Round Royals, 2016 Kansas City Royals
Troy Scribner Sacred Heart University 2012 Astros, 2013, Post Draft Free Agent Angels, 2017  
Matt Festa East Stroudsburg University 2015 Mariners, 2016, 7th Round Mariners, 2018 Seattle Mariners
Murphy Smith Binghamton University 2008 Athletics, 2009, 13th Round Blue Jays, 2018  
Josh Fuentes Missouri Baptist University 2014 Rockies, 2014, Post Draft Free Agent Rockies, 2019 Colorado, AAA, Albuquerque
Jeremy Walker Gardner-Webb University 2015-15 Braves, 2016, 5th Round Braves, 2019 Atlanta Braves
Randy Dobnak Alderson-Broaddus University 2016 Twins, 2017, Free Agent Twins, 2019 Minnesota Twins

MiLB Alumni

Name School Year Pro Entry

Current Team

As of June 6, 2019

Phil Hartig The Citadel 1998 Marlins, 2001, 25th Round  
Jeff Hasse Cleveland State University 1998 Marlins, 2000, 13th Round  
Tom Muldoon Eckerd College 1998 Tigers, 2000, 23rd Round  
Zack Roper Florida Atlantic University 1998 Angels, 2000, 27th Round  
John Williamson East Carolina University 1998 Mariners, 2001, 18th Round  
Kevin Hairr University of North Carolina - Wilmington 1999 Cubs, 2001, 15th Round  
Matt Blethen West Virginia University 2000 Indians, 2001, 24th Round  
Keith Butler Liberty University 2000 Cubs, 2002, 10th Round  
Matthew Henrie Clemson University 2000 Diamondbacks, 2002, 7th Round  
T.W. Mincey The Citadel 2000 Orioles, 2001, 12th Round  
Jeff Watchko Georgia Tech 2000 Rockies, 2003, 24h Round  
Vito Chiaravalloti University of Richmond 2000-01 Blue Jays, 2003, 15th Round  
Steve Bondurant University of South Carolina 2001 Athletics, 2003, 15th Round  
Sean Farrell University of North Carolina 2001 Athletics, 2003, 25th Round  
Michael Gross University of North Carolina 2001 Cardinals, 2004, 33rd Round  
Scott Martin Deleware State University 2001 White Sox, 2003, 34th Round  
Kyle Aselton Oregon State University 2004 Twins, 2004, 11th Round  
Thomas Berkery Mississippi State University 2002 Rangers, 2005, 46th Round  
Brian Cavanaugh East Carolina University 2002 Padres, 2005, 21st Round  
Evan Englebrook Shippensburg University 2003 Astros, 2004, 8th Round  
Todd Nicholas Troy State University 2003 Expos, 2004, 36th Round  
Nick Shimer George Mason University 2003 Phillies, 2004, 32nd Round  
Shawn Callahan Central Missouri State University 2004 Athletics, 2005, 22nd Round  
Josh Ellis Wake Forest University 2004 Diamondbacks, 2007, 11th Round  
Daniel Powers Central Missouri State University 2004 Twins, 2005, 8th Round  
Ryan Khoury Utah University 2004-05 Red Sox, 2006, 12th Round  
Eric Butler Tusculum College 2005 Diamondbacks, 2005, 43rd Round  
Jeff Kunkel University of Michigan 2005 Tigers, 2005, 37th Round  
Josh Palm Pennsylvania State University 2005 Nationals, 2005, 16th Round  
Judsen Smith Phoenix College 2005 Reds, 2005, 28th Round  
Brad Stone Quincy University 2005 Marlins, 2006, 12th Round  
Jeff Fischer Eastern Michigan University 2006 Royals, 2007, 10th Round  
Jeff Hehr Eastern Michigan University 2006 Indians, 2007, 20th Round  
Ben Norton University of Evansville 2006 Royals, 2007, 24th Round  
Brian Conley Towson University 2007 Orioles, 2008, 17th Round  
Robert Lanigan Adelphi University 2007 Twins, 2008, 3rd Round  
Bradley McElroy University of North Carolina - Charlotte 2007 Blue Jays, 2008, 25th Round  
Ryan Morgan Rockhurst University 2007 Royals, 2008, 26th Round  
Konrad Thieme Sonoma State University 2007 Marlins, 2008, 23rd Round  
Luke Demko University of Rhode Island 2008 Giants, 2009, 29th Round  
Jeff Dennis Binghamton University 2008 Athletics, 2008, 40th Round  
Greg Miller Seton Hall University 2008 Brewers, 2008, 10th Round  
Ryan Mollica Florida International University 2008 Mets, 2009, 47th Round  
Brett Nommensen Eastern Illinois University 2008 Rays, 2009, 8th Round  
RJ Harris Northwood University 2008-09 Mets, 2009, 14th Round  
Daniel Calhoun Murray State University 2009 Cardinals, 2009, 29th Round  
Keith Couch Adelphi University 2009 Red Sox, 2010, 13th Round  
Rhett Stafford Marshall University 2009 Athletics, 2011, 22nd Round  
Coty Woods Middle Tennessee State University 2009 Rockies, 2009, 33rd Round  
Joseph Zeller The Master's College 2009 Cubs, 2010, 28th Round  
Joseph DiRocco Seton Hall University 2010 Mariners, 2011, 21st Round  
Gregory Herbst St. Mary's College 2010 Phillies, 2011, 32nd Round  
Mark Montgomery Longwood University 2010 Yankees, 2011, 11th Round  
Ian Tomkins Abilene Christian University 2010 Rays, 2011, 50th Round  
Adam Giacolone Neosho County Community College 2011 Brewers, 2012, 16th Round  
Esteban Guzman San Jose State University 2011 Nationals, 2011, 17th Round  
Kentrell Hill Arkansas Baptist University 2011 Giants, 2011, 10th Round  
Brock Hudgens University of North Carolina - Charlotte 2011 Brewers, 2014, 31st Round  
John Polonius Genessee Community College 2011 Indians, 2011, 30th Round  
Timothy Saunder Marietta College 2011 Cubs, 2012, 32nd Round  
Casey Shiver Southern Poly State University 2011 Rangers, 2012, 10th Round  
Ryan Turner Tarleton State University 2011 Rays, 2011, 32nd Round  
Ryan Dineen Eastern Illinois University 2012 Astros, 2012, 25th Round  
Timothy Flight South New Hampshire University 2012 Yankees, 2012, 17th Round  
Travis Huber University of Nebraska 2012 Twins, 2012, 23rd Round  
Jason Kanzler University of Buffalo 2012 Twins, 2013, 20th Round  
Wigberto Nevarez Lubbock Christian University 2012 Braves, 2014, 20th Round  
Adam Bray South Dakota State University 2013 Dodgers, 2015, 33rd Round Minnesota, AA, Pensacola
Sam Bumpers Lamar University 2013 Rays, 2014, 22nd Round  
Chase Harris University of New Mexico 2013 Phillies, 2014, 14th Round  
Trent Miller Middle Tennessee State University 2013 Blue Jays, 2014, 40th Round  
Eric Peterson Temple University 2013 Astros, 2014, 37th Round  
Patrick Peterson Temple University 2013 Mariners, 2014, 23rd Round  
Nick Thompson University of William & Mary 2013-14 Cardinals, 2014, 8th Round  
Ty Barkell University of South Carolina - Aiken 2014 Angels, 2016, Post Draft Free Agent  
Blake Headley University of Nebraska 2014 Cubs, 2015, 20th Round  
Gunner Kines University of Mount Olive 2014 Marlins, 2015, 36th Round  
Orlando Olivera Missouri Baptist University 2014 Cardinals, 2015, 38th Round  
Josh Roeder University of Nebraska 2014 Yankees, 2015, 21st Round Miami, Advanced A, Jupiter
Evan Rogers Mars Hill University 2014-15 Phillies, 2016, Post Draft Free Agent  
Chance Shepard North Carolina State University 2014-15 Nationals, 2016, Post Draft Free Agent  
Ryan Askew Mercer University 2015 Rays, 2017, 29th Round  
David Bednar Lafayette College 2015 Padres, 2016, 35th Round San Diego, AA, Amarillo
Jake Cousins University of Pennsylvania 2015 Nationals, 2017, 20th Round  
Aaron Cox Gannon University 2015 Angels, 2015, 19th Round  
Mick Fennell California University - Pennsylvania 2015 Cardinals, 2016, 22nd Round  
Cole Gruber University of Nebraska 2015 Athletics, 2016, 27th Round  
Hunter Newman Trevecca Nazarene University 2015 Cardinals, 2015, 22nd Round  
Zach Prendergast Seton Hall University 2015 Cardinals, 2017, Free Agent St. Louis, Advanced A, Palm Beach
Brandon Sandoval Vanguard University 2015 Angels, 2017, 27th Round L.A. Angels, AA, Mobile
Chad Sedio Miami University - Ohio 2015 Tigers, 2016, 27th Round Detroit, AA, Erie
Trey Hair University of Evansville 2015-16 Rays, 2017, 33rd Round  
Devan Watts Tusculum College 2015-16 Braves, 2016, 17th Round  
Perry DellaValle Seton Hill University 2016 Cardinals, 2018, 27th Round St. Louis, Advanced A, Palm Beach
Michael Messier Bellarmine University 2016 Royals, 2016, 15th Round  
John Russell University of Connecticut 2016 Giants, 2017, 16th Round San Francisco, Advanced A, San Jose
Jesse Stinnett University of North Carolina - Pembroke 2016 Rockies, 2018, Free Agent  
Carlos Pimentel University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma 2017 Astros, 2017, Post Draft Free Agent  
Austin Cox Mercer University 2017 Royals, 2018, 5th Round Kansas City, Full, Lexington
Jamie Galazin St. Johns University 2017 Cubs, 2018, 22nd Round  
Cayden Hatcher Nicholls State University 2017 Rockies, 2018, Post Draft Free Agent  
Connor Kopach Southern Illinois University 2017 Mariners, 2018, 25th Round Seattle, Advanced A, Modesto
Andrew McDonald Virginia Tech University 2017 Reds, 2018, 9th Round Cincinnati, Full A, Dayton
Nick Wegmann Binghamton University 2017 Mariners, 2018, 34th Round  
Billy Wilson Loyola Marymount University 2017 Indians, 2018, 28th Round  
Ben Anderson Binghamton University 2018 Rangers, 2019, 13th Round  
Matt Gill Boston College 2018 Reds, 2019, 27th Round  
Charles Hall Tusculum University 2018 Athletics, 2019, 33rd Round  
Reynaldo Pichardo Dawson Community College 2018 Rangers, 2018, 33rd Round