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Sam the Clam

Many years ago, somewhere off the coast of Edenton, there once lived a famous clam digger named Sam. He would sail into Edenton Bay carrying clams by the bucketful. He called them “Steamers”. One day while exploring uncharted territory, he found the largest clam the world had ever seen. Rightfully, he named this giant clam after himself and Sam the Clam was officially born. Certainly proud of his find, Sam the Clam accompanied the clam digger for many years aboard his ship. 

Sam the clam digger was a huge baseball fan, attending Edenton Colonials games as a child in the 1950s. He passed this love for the game on to Sam the Clam. Years later, the Edenton Steamers were created, and the great tradition of baseball returned to Edenton. Sam the Clam decided that since he had but one opportunity to “attach” himself, he chose Historic Hicks Field as his home. Sam hibernates in his “bed” all winter long until the boys of summer arrive and he is awoken to the wonderful sounds of baseball.


Pam the Clam

After Sam the clam digger came across his most famous clam, Sam the Clam, he continued to explore that same uncharted territory in Edenton Bay. One day as a ferocious hurricane approached, Sam found the most beautiful clam he had ever seen. In awe of her gorgeous shell, he decided that he would keep her on board along side Sam the Clam. Later that night, the hurricane hit the clam digger's boat and destroyed much of what he had on board. He quickly went to check on Sam
the Clam and his beautiful new found treasure, but she was gone. The clam had been swept away by the powerful storm. The clam digger was very upset, and knew that he needed something to remember his lost treasure by. Hurricane Pamela had taken one of his prized possessions. Therefore, he would remember her as Pam the Clam.

The 2017 season was a special summer for the Steamers franchise, as they celebrated their 20th anniversary season. As the team began their summer long celebration on Opening Night, they were given another reason to cheer. Sam the Clam's long lost sister, Pam, had found her way back to Edenton. Just like Sam, Pam can be found at Historic Hicks Field every summer night.